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ceiling mounted privacy curtains
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ceiling mounted privacy curtains 

cloth curtain track curtain track maintenance wash cloth to share tips, tricks and washed clean industry
 wash cloth curtain track maintenance tips to share clean 01 06 Ri 09:13 Source: Sina home T | Tcurtain track is a family of essential fabric, decoration in the home can not only play a decorative, creating the role of the atmosphere, it is possible for you home shading, soundproofing. Although the curtain track cleaning like washing less frequently, but still dirty must be promptly wash the stain. curtain track dirt dust are generally based, different materials, cleaning methods are not the same. Here's a small series and look at how to properly care wash curtain track now! Before cleaning curtain track to cannibalize (such as window hooks, Roman blinds bottom iron, etc.) curtain track attachment. And for some small decorative curtain track lob, are hand-woven with silk handicraft classes, under normal circumstances without the use of water, just wipe with a damp cloth or dust can. Removed the curtain track in the wash, depending on the fabric to clean respectively. Under normal circumstances, ordinary fabric made of curtain track, can be used wet scrubbing, in accordance with conventional methods on the water or in the washing machine, use a neutral detergent. Easy to shrink fabrics should be dry, it is inconvenient should contact the seller to enlarge the size and substantial ironing. Canvas or linen curtain track, hard dried after washing, cleaning and therefore should not be directly in the water, to use a sponge dipped in some warm water or soap solution to wipe back and forth, can be rolled up after drying. Velvet curtain track is dirty, first curtain track soaked in a mild detergent solution, hand soft reduction, cleaned on the inclined shelf, allowing water to automatically drip dry. Here are some considerations when cleaning curtain track: First wash curtain track as possible without bleach, try not to dehydration and drying, to dry naturally, so as not to damage the texture of curtain track itself. Secondly, curtain track cloth material susceptible to dust and sunlight becomes old, soft fiber can be used to program the washing of laundry, dry cleaning even. If the fabric has begun to mold, using a very mild laundry procedures, the cloth may also crack. Finally, note that each can use the washing machine wash cloth curtain track 1.5 kilograms, if excessive, will be the curtain track crumpled cloth. Please use by washing with water and dehydrating process, the water temperature was adjusted to 40 ℃, if the white curtain track has yellow cloth, use a suitable bleach to make it smooth white reply. Editor: Yang Ming super

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